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Avail export quality  N95 Face Mask, Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves, 3M 8210 Face Mask, etc., at reasonable price. 

About Us

Leonardo Casting International Trading Ltd. specializes in kitchen and household articles, especially high-range knife sets, quality and styles, providing the customers with modern and environmentally respectful chef knives. 
Why Choose Our Company?
For more than 24 years of work experience and concerned about delivering the maximum quality and good service in each work project and barrio products for the home to each of my clients, leaving a problematic mark to erase without any comparison, where the great satisfaction has been a great smile of thanks for delivering in the hands of my customers the maximum perfection and small details that leave traces.
We enjoy our free time cooking for our family and friends. Still, we always felt that something was not in its place and to our entire satisfaction, in this continuous search, we came up with the idea of Leonardo casting that comes to surprise our family and friends and customers with a new line of high-end chef knives built by hand with the highest level of elaboration and details using German stainless steel motivating each one of our family and lovers of good cuisine and future home chef.
Producing a new and exquisite series of chef knives
The Shark series stands out for its elegance, being this unique design and Nobel patent model registered in 101 countries of the world, which without a doubt is very tentative with its beautiful designs and colors.
Among other patents, this chef eagle series will surprise us with its careful manual work, providing great style, elegance and perfect balance. Taste and style of our clients and professional and home chef.
Because we care about you, Leonardo brings the customers a line of cutlery sets of 24-30 units of the highest quality range and an exquisite collection difficult to resist before its excellent design, style and elegance at a fair price and within their pocket.

Shay Agnon 3/18, Nahariyya - 2244229, Hazafon, Israel
Mr. Leonardo Bustos (Director)
Mobile :+972534322995, +9722534322995